Great news!!!

I’ve decided to write a book. Actually no. I’ve decided to compile all of my lessons into a book. The entirety of my lessons are not up on here (or hardly on TPT). I didn’t write these lessons or work pages because I thought there weren’t enough books out there, but because the book that my school issued me was so horrendous that I felt I needed to write my own lessons from scratch. Now I’m just going to compile all of these lessons into a single book with practice problems and selected answers. I need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and make sure there are no errors. I also want to make all of the graphics in TikZ/PGF, which I haven’t learned until recently.

I’ll keep everybody posted with my progress. Hopefully it won’t take too long.


What’s the Point of this? (part 2)

My last post was about the 3 reasons I thought it was important to learn math in school, even though students may not (probably won’t) use it in everyday life. The three reasons were 1) It’s part of the liberal curriculum that we’re trying to give students of the United States, 2) appreciation for the fact that mathematics is all around us, and 3) it allows us to think in a more organized and efficient way. Continue reading


Hello World! This is the first post for Wolf Math. I am very excited to launch this new website that will be supplementing (adding up to 180ยบ) my math class!