Rocket Project

Extra credit opportunity!!! Our final project will be to launch rockets. You need to devise a way to measure how high the rocket goes, but you need to follow these rules:

  • You cannot attach anything to the rocket
  • The launchpad is 16 feet from the launch button
  • All mathematics must be correct
  • You can use whatever mathematics you want
  • Work in groups no larger than 3



The pre-calculus final exam will be on Thursday, May 7th. It will cover exponents, exponential equations, and logarithms. It won’t have any trig because we just took a trig test.

Study hard and good luck.

Test Announcement

There is a test scheduled for Wednesday, November 5th. You will be getting a study guide on Monday. The study guide has 2 grades associated with it: classwork and homework. It will be due the day of the test. This is the day after voting day, so you have an extra 24 hours to study.

Answer to the extra credit question: 5.