Final Project


Number guessing game.

  • The user needs to guess the number that Python is “thinking” of.
  • If the user guesses too low, print “guess is too low”
  • If the user guesses too high, print “guess is too high”

This is difficult, and it will take time to get right.

  • Don’t worry about mistakes.
  • Read your errors. These will help you figure out where your mistakes are!
  • Comment on your code! You need at least 3 comments (use your own words)

Break Down the Problem

What do you need Python to do?

    • print instructions at the beginning.
    • input for the human to guess a number
    • while loop for the process to repeat until human guesses correctly


  • random number (explained on next slide)
  • if – then – elif – else  for if the guess is too high print “too high”
  • or if the guess is too low print “too low”


Random Numbers – Your first 3 lines of code

We can set the computer’s number to be some random number between 0 and 1000 with the following code.

from random import randint

compy = randint(0,1000)

human = " "

We want to start the human with nothing, so we make it an empty string.

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