Sub Plans

Sub Plan #1: MEGA PENNY

Go to the Mega Penny Project website to learn about representation of large numbers.

Do the quiz to get credit!


SUB PLAN #2: The Engineering Process

Answer the following in a Google Doc. Answer should be in long answer/essay format.

  1. What is the engineering process?
  2. How many steps are there in the engineering process?
  3. Is your answer to #2 the same as everyone else’s (loaded question)?
  4. What’s the difference between the engineering process and the scientific method?
  5. How does the engineering process apply to software development (computer programming)?
  6. Is there another word or phrase for the engineering process for software developers?

SUB PLAN #3: Pixel Painter

Draw this picture using the instruction sheet.






Old Sub Plans


Friday 2017-12-15

Yesterday we learned how to make new functions in Python.

We left off with the “You Try” section to create a FOIL calculator.  Here is the entire code:

def foil(a,b,c,d):
 first = a*c
 outside = a*d
 inside = b*c
 last = b*d

 middle = outside+inside

 trinomial = "%sx^2 + %sx + %s"

 print(trinomial %(first, middle, last))

Next we are going to write a similar code for the square of a binomial.

Recall that the square of a binomial looks like this (a+b)^2= \mathbf{a^2+2ab+b^2}

So our code will look something like this:

def square_binomial(a,b):
 first = a**2
 middle = 2*a*b
 last = b**2


ASSIGNMENT: Code the rest of the square of a binomial function.